Yavapai Mattress Warehouse is part of a growing trend among mattress retailers who have moved away from the major “S Brands” to search out high quality products that offer the best value without using expensive national ad campaigns, long supply chains from factory to consumer involving many “profit points” along the way, or fictional pricing gimmicks. (Trader Joe’s is doing this in the retail food sector.)

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“Along with our low overhead, this approach allows us to keep our everyday prices well below even the “sale” prices of comparable “S Brand” products while maintaining equal or better quality. We hope you will take the time to review the information we have provided for each of our mattresses, then compare them in terms of both price and specs with other products in the market. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!”

– Doug Miller, Owner

Does Yavapai Mattress offer any “comfort guarantees”?
No. In order to make that feasible we would have to raise our prices significantly to cover the cost of the returned goods. If you are purchasing a mattress with a comfort guarantee, rest assured you are paying for it whether you use it or not. If you truly need to sleep on a bed before making a decision, buy from a store offering a comfort guarantee with the understanding that you will be paying more for that service.