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No, you will rarely see a “sale” at Yavapai Mattress Warehouse.  Sales are largely gimmicks based on fictional pricing scenarios to lure customers into the store.  Our everyday low prices beat the “sale” prices everyday – on all our quality American made products!  Look and See

 See: What’s Up With Those 50% OFF Sales?


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100% Natural Latex Mattresses
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We Have 2-Sided “Flippable” Mattresses!


Why Do We Like Stressopedic & Therapedic Mattresses?

Watch This Video Showing How They Are Made

Each mattress is fully laminated during construction. This is a 5 day process that ensures that all the foam layers in your mattress are bonded tightly together with a non-toxic water based glue. This means less foam shifting and a longer, more comfortable, mattress life for you.

Most mattress companies do not do this.



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  • 100% Talalay Latex
  • Oeko/Tex 100 Certified … Non-Toxic
  • Most Durable Bedding Material Available
  • Naturally Anti-Microbial
  • Learn More at LatexBliss.com

Refresh Your Current Mattress
with a 100% Natural
Latex Topper!


 $100 OFF any latex mattress

     Don’t be fooled by “Latex Mattresses” that are really hybrids made mostly with cheaper foam.  Pure Latex Bliss is 100% Talalay Latex!

How We Save You Money

Quality & Price … not Branding & Marketing – Humble, But Clean Warehouse Showroom – No Sales Commissions

Yavapai Mattress Warehouse, Prescott AZ
Yavapai Mattress Warehouse is part of a growing trend among mattress retailers who have moved away from the major “S Brands” to search out high quality products that offer the best value without using expensive national ad campaigns, long supply chains from factory to consumer involving many “profit points” along the way, or fictional pricing gimmicks. (Trader Joe’s is doing this in the retail food sector.)

See: What’s Up With Those 50% OFF Sales?

Along with our low overhead, this approach allows us to keep our everyday prices well below even the “sale” prices of comparable “S Brand” products while maintaining equal or better quality. We hope you will take the time to review the information we have provided for each of our mattresses, then compare them in terms of both price and specs with other products in the market. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Doug Miller, Owner

Learn more at The Mattress Underground.com        The Inside Scoop on the Mattress Industry

Do you offer any “comfort guarantees”?  No.  In order to make that feasible we would have to raise our prices significantly to cover the cost of the returned goods.  If you are purchasing a mattress with a comfort guarantee, rest assured you are paying for it whether you use it or not.  If you truly need to sleep on a bed before making a decision, buy from a store offering a comfort guarantee with the understanding that you will be paying more for that service.

Consider this before buying a mattressThings to Consider Before Purchasing a Mattress

Purchasing a mattress can be confusing.  Every year the industry entices customers with the latest and greatest new products.  But it doesn’t have to be that confusing.

Think of a mattress as a layered cake.  The bottom layer is for support, which addresses your spine, while the top group of comfort layers address your pressure points, such as hips and shoulders.

The vast majority of mattresses fall within four basic categories:


  • Support Layer – steel or titanium coils of varying gauges, twists, and number – tempered or not tempered
  • Comfort Layers – polyurethane foam of varying densities

Memory Foam   (memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam)

  • Support Layer – dense polyurethane foam
  • Comfort Layers – memory foam of varying densities rated in “pounds”


  • Support Layer – firmer latex
  • Comfort Layers – softer latex

A true latex mattress will use 100% Dunlop or 100% Talalay latex from top to bottom, or a combination of the two.  Unlike memory foam, which is a type of polyurethane foam, latex is a natural product made from the sap of the rubber tree and is the most durable and resilient of any foam used in mattresses today. 


  • Support Layer – coils or dense polyurethane foam
  • Comfort Layers – memory foam, latex, or polyurethane foam – or any combination of the three
  • (Adjustable air mattresses with top layers of foam would also fall into this category).

Be sure to note how many inches of latex or memory foam are actually used in these hybrids.  Sometimes as little as ¼” is used simply for marketing purposes.  A minimum of 1” would be considered functional.

                               Learn more about mattresses at themattressunderground.com

Yavapai Mattress Warehouse Prescott Valley

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